• Comprehensive Medical Assessment

  • (Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block) for PTSD & Migrains

  • Chronic Depression Assessment and Treatment

  • Medical Certification for Cannibus Treatment

  • Physical Therapy

  • Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Mood Disorders

  • ADHD & Autism Cannabis Treatment (Kids & Adults)

  • Medical Massage Therapy

  • Nutrition Health Assessment



Dynamic Health and Wellness was established to not only assist those individuals who have aspects of their health needing repair, but to promote a lifestyle that can help unlock true wellness, a dynamic process that can help propel them to attain their greatest potential.

Dynamic Health & Wellness

320 W Fletcher Ave Suite 102

Tampa, FL 33612

United States



Our goal is to assist our patients in not only repairing years of medical illness but to create a lifestyle that will attain their best potential, a dynamic healthy life with true wellness.

"Get Well, Stay Healthy, Live Dynamic"