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Our Services

These are the services we offer at our Dynamic Health & Wellness Center! Please review and if you want to set your appointment you can book online today.

We accept major insurance!
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Our Services


Additional Services

  • Wellness Visit with Labs

  • Weight Loss Treatments

  • Full Health Evaluation Screen

  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment


  • Chronic Depression Assessment and Treatment

  • Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Mood Disorders

  • Testosterone Treatments​

  • Soboxone Treatment

  • Pre-Employment Drug Screens

  • DOT Physical (Blood & Urine)

  • Drug Screening Blood & Urine Test

  • Kids Sports & Health Physicals

  • Medication Management

  • STD Testing 

  • ADD & ADHD Testing and Treatment

  • Behavior Health

  • Workers Compensation

— Mission Statement

Dynamic Health and Wellness was established with the philosophy that the mind and body are
intertwined, and that true complete wellness cannot be achieved unless both aspects are
recognized together and not separate. Mental and Physical Health are not independent,
fractured pieces, but rather, intricate, complementing aspects of a completed whole.
We believe that true, sustainable health can be achieved when both are considered together in
the medical management of the complete individual.

Looking For Primary Care?

We Accept Most Major Insurance Companies!

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