Suboxone: The Path Forward from Addiction

Jul 07, 2022

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Suboxone: The Path Forward from Addiction

There’s an epidemic raging in the United States. The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) reports that more than 1.6 million Americans lived with an opioid use disorder in the last year. Not only does that mean that millions of people are grappling with this very serious addiction, but it also means their lives are at risk. The opioid epidemic claims tens of thousands of lives each year.

We say this to underscore the gravity of the situation, but we want to couple it with a message of hope. If you're living with opioid addiction, Ralph Ryback, MDWendy Christensen, APRN, and our team at Dynamic Health & Wellness Center in Tampa, Florida can offer you a better path forward. 

With Suboxone® treatment, we can tap into the addiction pathways in your brain. This medication gives us a way to ease your cravings and soothe withdrawal symptoms. When paired with therapy with Mrs. Christensen, Suboxone can help you move out of opioid addiction. 

How Suboxone works

At our practice, we use Suboxone as part of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence. This allows us to address your addiction in two ways at the same time — the Suboxone tackles the addiction on a brain chemistry level, while therapy gives you the coaching and support you need on your recovery journey.

When you take Suboxone, it binds to the same receptors in your brain as opiates. This helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

Dispelling myths about Suboxone

Suboxone is a relatively new option for treating opioid addiction. As a result, some misconceptions still circulate about it; we want to clear those up. 

First, you don’t need to worry that you’ll feel the same temptation to misuse Suboxone as you do with opiates. It’s only a partial agonist of the opiate brain receptor, meaning it only produces so much of the euphoric effect you get with opiates. It’s enough to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but it’s not so much that patients run a significant risk of misuse. 

In fact, there’s a “ceiling” effect with Suboxone. Taking more won’t make you feel additional effects, further helping to minimize the risk. 

Second, many people think you can only take Suboxone for a short time. Actually, though, Mrs. Christensen closely monitors you and will continue prescribing Suboxone for as long as you need. It’s safe to use until you’ve reached the point where you no longer have cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Even then, Mrs. Christensen slowly weans you off Suboxone to set you up for success as you move forward. 

If you’re living with opioid addiction, we can help you at Dynamic Health & Wellness Center. To see if you’re a candidate for Suboxone, call our office or request your appointment online today.