Practice what you preach!

Life is a journey they say. I have to admit through the years that I haven’t exercised or dieted as well as I should have. Striving to change that attitude and perspective has driven me to look at a more critical eye towards myself and to acknowledge what aspects of my life need improving. The obvious is clear. Exercise more. Eat more healthy. Body and Mind, Dr. Ancheta. Practice what you preach.

So to that end, I’ve challenged myself to reach my best potential both body and mind. Getting back to my marathon level of health of my 20/30’s will be difficult, but I’m challenging myself to get there within a year. With the help of Miracle Leaf CBD products to assist me in the healing and recovery process, I believe I can. This past weekend, I participated in the Gasparilla 15K run. My first organized race since my 2000 Disney Marathon. At age 51, I thought I did fairly well finishing at a time of 1 hour/24 minutes/24 seconds (9 minute mile pace), but the exciting aspect was how quickly I was able to recover with the help of Miracle Leaf CBD products. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Miracle Leaf CBD products had allowed me to return to normal activities by the evening then later allowing me to finish an ER night shift that night with minimal discomfort. Thanks to Miracle Leaf.

Despite accomplishing my goal and exceeding expectations on recovery, I was still somewhat

disappointed. I know I can do better. I haven’t reached my potential yet.

So, I challenge everyone to set a goal to accomplish, a feat that they achieved in their 20’s/30’s. Whatever it may have been. Distance runs, tri-athalons, snowboarding, surfing, mountain climbing, whatever it may have been. Re-visit those past achievements with a challenge by me to not only perform them again within a year, but to finish it BETTER than you did in the past. Impossible? The world is filled with examples of people exceeding expectations.

Why not me?

Why not you?

Accept the challenge and write me back and I’ll share your story with others.

“Get Well. Stay Healthy. Live Dynamic.”

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