Why Dynamic?

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. According to my mom, I wanted to be a doctor before I knew what the word doctor meant.

My mom would find me taking care of my stuffed bear’s various illnesses and ailments in my doctor’s office in my room. I would give him medicine (juice in a dixie cup), place his broken arm in a splint (two rulers and lots of tape), and perform minor surgery (scissors to open and shoestrings to close). Each time my poor bear patient would be remarkably cured and I would experience the joy of knowing that he got better under my care.

Now, 25 years into a medical career, I still find that joy working as a doctor in the Emergency Room, but that joy is somewhat tempered. Our lives are bound in a frantic, fast-paced world demanding immediate results and satisfaction. We are in the age of Amazon and Alexa. The world of the Jetsons has arrived. Yet, despite delivering fast and efficient medical service, one question kept gnawing on me every night in the ER… “Are my patients truly better under my care in the 15 minute average visit time that I’m asked to see each patient?” Are they better tomorrow? Weeks from now? Months? What would my poor bear think of me?

Dynamic Health and Wellness was borne on the premise that Medical Care can be and should be delivered better. True wellness isn’t achieved in 15 minutes, hours, days or years. Healing and true wellness shouldn’t be constrained by a time limit.

True wellness is a dynamic process, not a singular terminal goal. Understanding this fundamental idea is paramount in understanding how the psyche and the body are intertwined and why true healing can only be achieved if both aspects are recognized and both needs are addressed together over time. The ebb and flow of mental health and physical health is an honest reflection of our hectic and stressful lives and both should always be acknowledged as we journey through our lives striving to improve both aspects simultaneously.

We in Dynamic Health and Wellness stand by our promise to deliver better health care by acknowledging both the mind and the body in the healing process, and by maintaining that healthy lifestyle to achieve overall true wellness.

“ Get Well, Stay Healthy, Live Dynamic.”

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