Ketamine gains FDA approval for the treatment of Chronic Depression

Last week, the FDA approved the treatment of Chronic Depression using Ketamine, a well-known and well-established anesthetic that has now just been classified as an approved medical treatment for chronic depression. The FDA also approved the use of intranasal Ketamine as an approved medication using the intranasal administration as an additional route of delivery alongside intravascular (IV) and intramuscular (IM) routes.

Dynamic Health and Wellness with physician, Joey S. Ancheta, MD, and nurse anesthesiologist, Jeremy Williams, CRNA, have had over 40 years of combined experience using ketamine in the operating room and emergency room arenas, and for the past 3 years have used IV Ketamine successfully in the treatment of patients with chronic depression in the Tampa Bay area. We look forward continuing that service to the Tampa Bay area realizing that the treatment for depression requires a collaborative effort with the patient, primary physician, psychiatrist, and your team here at Dynamic Health and Wellness.

Depression is a complex and formidable medical illness that encompasses not only the psychological aspect of an individual’s life but challenges the physical aspects (exercise and nutrition) and social aspects (family and work) as well. Rather than ignoring these problems or deflecting these issues to other clinics, we here in Dynamic Health and Wellness recognize these different aspects and understand that to obtain true healing and wellness ALL aspects of illness need to be understood and addressed. We listen.

“Get Well, Stay Healthy, Live Dynamic!”

This is more than just a mission statement, it’s who we are.

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