Epilepsy treatment with CBD

CBD has recently garnered a significant amount of publicity for the potential treatment of specific types of epilepsy, and justifiably so. Numerous studies from Israel and published studies in the journal of Epilepsy and Behavior have supported the efficacy of CBD and the potential role for treatment of specific forms of epilepsy.

Early studies have shown that patients with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome and forms of Infantile spasms exhibited marked improvement with CBD treatment. Exciting news that other forms of seizures may also see improvement anecdotally is promising, however extensive research in this realm is still lacking. Conducted by board certified, pediatrician, Joey S. Ancheta, M.D., Dynamic Health and Wellness partnering with Tampa Central Miracle Leaf are actively conducting research on the exact scientific quantitative benefit of CBD on the treatment of epilepsy. Our hope is to not only optimize the effects of CBD on treatment but to ensure that its effects are consistent and long- lasting. Vegan forms of CBD made exclusively by Miracle Leaf are free of preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring and may help improve efficacy and duration of effect. This multi-center research study facilitated by our Miracle Leaf community is being planned for this year and will offer valuable insight to this multi-faceted condition.

Our team looks forward to serving our Epilepsy community and helping unlock the complex problem of seizure control with the more long-term solution of Miracle Leaf’s Vegan CBD product line. Come visit your nearest Miracle Leaf Clinic for more information on this exciting new frontier in epilepsy treatment and come visit our Dynamic Health and Wellness office at our Central Tampa Miracle Leaf location soon for a free initial medical assessment!

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