Autism Treatment with CBD

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Increased awareness in the use of CBD for the treatment of Autism has recently fueled marked interest in the medical community. Adequate studies, however, have been lacking with only case studies and blog community testimonials to infer success.

We in Dynamic Health and Wellness partnering with Miracle Leaf as Tampa Central Miracle Leaf are now conducting an active research study headed by board certified pediatrician, Dr. Joey Ancheta, with the goal to not only determine the overall benefit of CBD for the treatment of Autism, but to determine scientifically the precise medical parameters where CBD would be of most benefit. Each patient seen by Dr. Ancheta will undergo an extensive medical history evaluation and examination formulating an individualized treatment plan scrutinized closely to determine the optimal CBD dosing for the individual.

Our partner, Miracle Leaf, the premier medical cannabis health center in Florida, has allowed us to have a product line of CBD created specifically for patients like those with Autism that require a more natural form of CBD. Introducing this month, Miracle Leaf’s Vegan line of CBD gumby bears will help revolutionize the treatment of Autism by providing a CBD product line free of artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.

Join the Dynamic Health and Wellness and Miracle Leaf team as we embark on the new frontier in Autism treatment.

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