Anti-Diet Doctor

I hate diets.

My apologies to Dr. Atkins and all Cavemen out there. I just don’t believe in them.

Unrealistic. Unsustainable. Unnecessary.

Never believed in a diet fixated on a magic number (weight) that is supposed to represent health?

What I practice and preach to my patients (especially my adolescent young women patients) is that health and beauty isn’t based on weight. We are all built differently. Our beauty as a species is based on our elegant diversity.

Beauty is found in all shapes, sizes, heights, bra-sizes, complexions, and yes weights. All I’m preaching is that our cultural fixation on weight is unnecessary. The focus should be on our grade school lessons of a balanced diet with adequate caloric intake to match our caloric expenditure.

That’s it.

Why complicate matters? It’s expensive and unnecessary. (My apologies to Mrs. Craig too). I think the 21 st century has brought us enough information to allow us to figure out what foods out there are healthy and what are pure junk. All we need to do is apply those grade school principals and initiate a proper and safe training program. Concentrate on that and we’ll be on our way to understanding and achieving the more meaningful things in life.

Get Well, Stay Healthy, Live Dynamic

#practice what you preach

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