Dynamic Health & Wellness Center

Dr. Joey Ancheta Dynamic Health

Joey Ancheta MD

Mariane Williams RN

Dr. Ancheta's years of medical experience in the realm of emergency medicine has helped him create a keen insight into patient health and well-being, and has fostered his desire to create a center focused on the well-being of the entire patient with the core centered upon research-based medical knowledge.

His goal is to assist his patients in not only repairing years of medical illness but to create a lifestyle that will attain their best potential, a dynamic healthy life with true wellness.


Mariane Williams, RN, brings over 12 years of nursing experience to the Dynamic team. Her career spans primary care, urgent care, and emergent triage medicine in diverse centers in both the VA and regional medical centers. She is a valuable asset to the team and her bright and motivating personality is the standard for our Dynamic philosophy. 


Jeremy Williams CRNA

Jeremy Williams, CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist) has had over ten year’s experience with alternative therapies including Ketamine, medical marijuana and CBD applications. 

He joins the Dynamic team with common goals and philosophies using his unique skillset and knowledge base to help facilitate the best potential out of all his patients.