"The struggle provides the courage from within strengthening both the mind and the body, allowing for genuine wellness to be revealed." --Dr. Ancheta

Physiomental Health

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In medicine we conceptualize the treatment of the human body. Heart conditions are treated by cardiologists. Lung illnesses treated by pulmonologists. Mental conditions by psychiatrists. “Specializing” in a field of medicine creates physicians that are masters of that one realm of the body. Fundamentally this focus in specific areas of medicine should allow for the technological advancement and refinement of medical treatment potentially leading to the “cures” for many of humanity’s ills.


This compartmentalization of medicine however has created a fragmentation in the medical ideal transforming a once noble and compassionate profession into an uncaring and desensitized industry.  An industry which has lost its true purpose. Medical health and physical well-being are not synonymous, and in the rush to focus on the treatment of specific illnesses, medicine has lost its moral compass neglecting its primary mission:  the achievement of complete wellness for the betterment of the individual as a whole.


To achieve complete wellness, physicians must first discard the concept of the body as segregated compartments. Each aspect of our body is intimately connected to another part. Malfunctioning abdominal organs can disrupt metabolic homeostasis leading to visual disturbances. Intestinal difficulties can cause nutrient deficiencies leading to neurological illnesses. Defects in the simple shape of a blood cell can affect perfusion leading to multi-organ failure.

Everything is connected.


Yet only one aspect of the human body connects everything into one cohesive unit: The Mind.


The human mind permeates and directly involves all aspects in the completed whole of the body. The mind directly influences every aspect of the physical. It is omnipresent.


Subsequently any attempt to ensure motivated and consistent physical rehabilitation success, must have the presence of a healthy mind allowing for complete wellness to be possible. Therefore, if mental health isn’t acknowledged at the beginning of the healing process the road to complete wellness may be longer and may never be fully reached.


Physiomental Health is a simple concept based on the premise that the mind and the body are intertwined. Complete therapy involves the counseling of mental health concerns as the physical body recovers and heals. Traditionally mental health would be fully addressed after physical health is restored and, in some instances, may be neglected all together. Mental health is oftentimes an afterthought. Something to be handled later. By that time, however, the damage may already be done and the physical body, although fully “healed,” may never be able to recover completely. This creates more frustration with the “healed” body in its inability to achieve higher loftier goals, because the damaged mind won’t allow for it.


I believe that mental health must be addressed at the ONSET of medical management. The fears, frustrations, and disappointments following an injury MUST be acknowledged by the patient and the physician from the beginning.  Accepting the truth of the problem, is the first step in its resolution, then, during active rehabilitation, mental health must be followed during the course of treatment. Short- and Long-term goals need to be established and addressed, knowing that mistakes and failures will happen and should be expected.  Discouragement from these failures can be addressed, accepted, and most importantly learned from to avoid repeating the same mistakes.  As therapy continues, mental health treatment should follow in a supportive and dynamic fashion anticipating the rise and fall of human emotion but steering the course back onto the main track until the final stages of healing is reached.  At this point the mind has achieved a level of faith in the physical healed body because the suffering was endured together, growing stronger from the struggle, and finding courage with the belief that the whole body is completely healed, both body AND mind.  By finding this inner truth, true and complete wellness can be finally achieved.


The struggle provides the courage from within allowing for genuine wellness to be revealed.


This sustainable wellness is further validated by understanding that the power of healing isn’t achieved artificially by some medication or medical technique, but by the power within one’s own mind.

The same power that animates fear, doubt and depression is the same power that allows for courage, faith, and wellness. A power that resonates throughout our entire being, authentic and true, because its origin is from within.


This is Physiomental Health.

The way medicine should be.

"The same power that animates fear, doubt and depression is the same power that allows for courage, faith, and wellness."     --Dr. Ancheta